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Company Profile

Guangdong Canbo Electrical Co., Ltd locates in Xingtan town, Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, the beautiful Pearl River Delta hinderland, also well known as “the capital of China electrical household appliance”. In 1988, we successfully researched and manufactured the first household far-infrared disinfection cabinet, which means a new field of China domestic brand was explored. In August 18th of the same year, we formally set up Guangdong Canbo Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. With over 20 years’ development, we have become a famous domestic kitchen ware appliance manufacturing enterprise and also a world-known export production for  BBQ Grils products.

As the R&D center of global disinfection bowl cabinet, our tableware disinfection bowl cabinet have complete specifications from 15 litre to 1380 litre product volume, 20 main series and over 300 species. Being at the leading position of industrial market share rate and sales capacity for over 20 years, our company have got several hundreds honors, like “National user-friendly product” ““Top ten influential brand in China electrical household appliance industry” ” “Symbolized brand in China disinfection bowl cabinet industry” “The disinfection cabinet Kingdom of the world” “The disinfection cabinet king”, etc.

In 2002, we adopted strategic expansion by expanding our product range from key disinfection cabinet to other kitchen ware products. Enter into kitchen ware field, we begin to produce and sell disinfection bowl cabinet, water heater, gas stove, smoke machine, etc. After several years’ development, we have yearly production capacity of three million disinfection cabinets, two million gas stoves, two million smoke machines and 1.5 million water heaters. Possessing over twenty million family users globally, we also set up over 3000 terminals and over 1000 after-sale service sites in our country.

Being famous export base for BBQ Grilss products as well, we export such products as BBQ Grills oven and thermos flask to dozens countries, like Europe, America, etc. In recent years, we also extend our industry to automobile spare parts field with over 100 million annual output. Today, we have initially established business development of “kitchen ware, BBQ Grills processing and automobile spare part”.

To promote brand awareness and influence, we strengthen brand promotion in recent years. In March, 2011, we have invited famous movie star Chen Daoming as our spokesman.

Since our foundation, we always uphold the spirit of human-oriented, improving life by scientific & technology, advocating green & healthy new life. For this kind of spirit, our products become more and more popular among customers.

Look into future, we will continue to stick to the enterprise spirit of “pioneering, innovative, struggling, forwarding”, so as to create brighter future by our endless hardworking.

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