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Quotes Chairman


Profile: President of  Canbo-- Luo Xiaojia

Luo Xiaojia: The president of Guangdong Guangdong Canbo Electrical Co., Ltd
Chairman of Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Trade Association; Chairman of Shunde Xingtan General Chamber of Commerce.

In 1988, Luo Xiajia researched and manufactured the first household far-infrared disinfection cabinet . In August 18th of the same year, he formally set up Guangdong Canbo Electrical Co., Ltd. With over 20 years’ development, Canbo becomes a famous household electrical appliances manufacturing enterprise, the No.1 Sterilizer manufacture in the whole world.

Luo Xiajia is also named as “the Father of disinfection cabinet” in China.


Luo Xiajia Sayings

1.    Against Quality:
Without quality, the company will die.

2.    For aftersales:
Aftersales is one of the most important link of the Brand building. It is not only for consumers’ benefit, but also for the Canbo Brand Image.

3.    About Business Management
“Extension, Innovation, Fighting, Advancing”, this is Canbo’s spirit.

Extension: We can’t accept standing still and refusing to make progress.

Innovation: We always need to find the new solution and changing.

Fighting: A brave heart for work.

Advancing: Moving forward.

4.     Marketing management:

“With our joint effort and hard work, with the consumers and customers’ acceptance and satisfaction, we can built our happiness company. In a word, based on market, Canbo builds the satisfaction of customers, benefit of workers, profit of the company.

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